High Elves

High elves, sometimes called light elves, are one of the three subraces of elves.

They live in spiral towers rising high above the canopies of the elven woods. They are traditionally concerned with sorcery, astrology, history, and other “higher pursuits.” Their star jewelry, capturing astrological forces, are wonders of the world, as are many of their works of art. They are particularly renowned in silver and gems, their favored mediums.

They are currently in favor with the Elf Queen in the Court of Stars and they are pushing that favor aggressively. While not all high elves share the same views, a sizable segment of high elves consider themselves the nobility of the elves.

The wood elves are often viewed as soldiers and gardeners, useful, but properly subservient. It is even implied and subtly joked that the wood elves are like children. The rise of popularity of the High Druid among wood elves is a source of outrage to many high elf priests.

The dark elves are viewed as capricious, cruel, and dangerous. They skulk and hide in their shadows and caverns, so it follows they must be hiding something. Where wood elves are seen as simple, dark elves are seen as corrupted, even disgusting.

Nowhere is this increasingly elitist and racist view more evident than in the tenants of elven orthodoxy, which is championed almost exclusively by the high elves.

High Elves

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