A Tale of Sorcery, Nature, Gods, and Steel


The 13th Age, a period of relative prosperity and peace, is coming to an end. Nature (championed by the High Druid) strains against the yokes of the Archmage. The elves increasingly isolate themselves in their forests, abandoning the world to focus on internal squabbles. The giants are stirring and dragons are seen in the skies more often that anytime in living memory. The Lich King continues to plot from his Necropolis. And a new Orc Lord has arisen for the first time in Ages. The future is unclear.


Four young heroes are thrust into action by a failed supernatural assassination attempt. They will learn that they are not the only targets; scores of young adventurers and would-be heroes have been struck down. Someone or something is targeting potential adversaries before they have a chance to come into their power.


Now the fours heroes must uncover the truth, then do what they can to tip the balance of coming events. The fate of the 13th Age and the shape of the 14th Age to come will rest in large part upon their idealistic shoulders.

This is an epic fantasy campaign set in the world of 13th Age and using the RuneQuest 6 rules.

Iron and Leaves

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