Wood Elves

The wood elves are one of the three subraces of elves

The wood elves are known as the gray elves in the oldest texts, but they grew out of the name, which appears to have been an early Elf King’s idea of a logical transition between light and dark. Some humans call them the green elves. Wood elves resisted that name until recently, when some wood elves associated with the High Druid began using the term “green elf,” or “wild elf,” to distinguish themselves from elves who do not follow the High Druid. Green and wild are presently considered impolite terms at the Court of Stars.

Traditionally, wood elves live in elven woods among the great trees, in tents pitched around the trunks or in more permanent houses set high in the branches. They are the guardians and gardeners of the forest. Closest to nature and to the forest itself than any other elves, the wood elves in an elven wood will usually know if any outsiders are present.

Traditionally, wood elves were also the priests of the forest gods and spirits. However, with the rise of orthodoxy, that has ceased to be an honored and acknowledged role and has been subsumed into private household religious practices (and resentments).

The wood elves know that the high elves have begun to look down on them and that the dark elves despise them. They don’t think kindly of either group, but in their hearts they know they are the truest elves and that only they truly understand the elven woods.

The Rangers were once sacred warriors and shepherds, but they’ve been largely turned into a secular military and police force. They still maintain their old rites, but now the cult has become hidden from outsiders.

More and more wood elves are turning to the High Druid in recent years, largely as a response to growing orthodoxy. Other elves, even many wood elves, are horrified, but few wood elves can deny that the druids reverence for nature doesn’t resonate at least a little with them, even if it isn’t an innately elven cult and even if it takes their beloved forest gods and spirits out of the relationship.

Wood Elves

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