Wellcrest is a small village at the very edge of Queen’s Wood and about 100 miles north of Concord. It is in wooded area (though not inside of any elven woods). Just to the south of Wellcrest is a small range of worn mountains. Wellcrest is located on a small river that comes out of those mountains and joins with the Goldleaf river just before it feeds into the Opals (though no Wellcrest resident would think to intrude that far into the Queen’s Wood). There is a covered bridge across the river and a small dirt road (in truth little more than wagon ruts) through the town.


The town is almost entirely human, though there are usually a handful of half-elves born to human parents each generation. They are generally respected and appreciated, especially since they make trade wit hteh elves easier. There have been no half-elves born in over 20 years. Many of the older villagers fear it is a dim portent.

Perhaps because of that, for the last 20 years the town has very little interactions with the elves, though stories tell that they were once closer.

The halflings on the other hand, are on friendly terms. Interactions are still fairly limited, but only because Old Town, Twisp, and Burrow are several days travel away and Wellcrest has little worth trading over that distance.

Most people from Wellcrest are born, live their entire lives, and die within 20 miles of their home. They are not destitute nor secure.

Truthfully, Wellcrest is of little note currently, but in future years will be notable for being where four heroes first met and joined forces and, to a lesser extent, as the birthplace of Alof, a boy not much younger than the more famous four heroes who would play his own role in events to come.


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