Trolls are thickset, with snouts and fangs or tusks, with mottled gray skin. They are taller than humans, but their height is partly concealed by their typical slouching stance. They are very strong, very tough, and have rapid regeneration. Only fire seems to kill them permanently, though wounds from iron (which luckily includes most weapons) seem to heal slower and cause them greater pain.

Not much is known about trolls or their culture. They are usually only encountered as individuals or small bands raiding the surface world at night. Though it has been noted that groups are usually led by females, leading most scholars to believe they are matriarchal.

Trolls are very uncomfortable in any light brighter than starlight on a moonless night and typically spend almost their entire lives in the underworld. They can see in complete darkness. They hate fire and light in all its forms. When they are seen above ground, it is exclusively at night.

There are no records of trolls on the surface before the poisoning of the underworld during the war between dark elves and dwarves, leading many to suspect that the poisoning affected them, too, and drove them to the future. It’s unclear if the poison has driven them mad, like it does other races.

Another notable physical feature about trolls that often brings them into conflict with other races is that their complex magical digestive system allows them to eat anything, except fire and iron. They are constantly hungry and can never quite satisfy themselves. They have been known to eat other intelligent species (especially dwarves]] and elves). They seem to especially hate dark elves and will kill them whether hungry or not. They won’t eat goblins, orcs, or any other goblin-kin. They’ve also been known to eat magical treasures, which worries the Dwarf King to an almost obsessive level.


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