The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters are three star goddesses that play a central role in the elven pantheon. All three are daughters of Yhera, the Mother Goddess. When Yhera withdrew to the World Below, the Three Sisters took on a more central role. The elven orthodox movement has raised them to an even more central role; the goddesses’ feelings on that have not yet been made clear.

They are generally aloof, influencing the world more indirectly. However, on occasion they take an active role, usually choosing champions to act on their behalf with their blessings.

The three sisters each have different personalities are are known largely by their birth order (i.e. eldest, middle, and youngest sister). They do not always agree. In particular, the youngest and eldest often disagree, with the somber middle being the tie-breaker.

Ghera.PNG Ghera: The Summer Star; the eldest, wise and passionate, raised up the first Elf Queen
Norwyn.PNG Norwyn: The Winter Star; the middle, born in a dark time, she helped the elves survive the dangers of a long-ago Age; she is cautious, aloof, and slow to trust; the tie-breaker between her two more opposed sisters
Ariada.PNG Ariada: The Spring Star: the youngest, idealistic and compassionate, born in the dawn of a new age; she raised the first Elven Woods

The Three Sisters

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