The Temple of the Winter Star


The Temple of the Winter Star is a small shrine at the very edge of the Queen’s Wood. It is set on top of a hill giving a clear view of the sky to the west unobstructed for miles.

The temple if dedicated to the Three Sisters. The Three Sisters are each star goddesses and are central to the elven pantheon.

The shrine was founded many ages ago and not even among the long-lived elves are there any who remember it being founded. Legend states that an early priestess of the Three Sisters was visited by the eldest of the Three Sisters on top of the hill. The hill was consecrated by that event. A shrine has been on the spot ever since.

The current head priestess of the shrine is Tiranna, a noble-born high elf who is firmly part of the growing orthodox movement within elven religion. The only other full-time resident (before the campaign begins) is Gilan, a wood elf groundskeeper. Gilan has been at the temple over a century through several priests and priestesses.

Before her tenure, the temple tended to elves, humans, halflings, and any others who stopped by. Tiranna has discouraged non-elves from visiting and has recently begun refusing any services to non-elves whatsoever.

Tiaga and Moira are assigned to the temple, to serve under Tiranna (a crony of their father) at the beginning of the campaign.

The Temple of the Winter Star

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