The Northern Reach

The Northern Reach is the name used by the Dragon Empire to refer to the lands north of the empire. It is a dangerous, but ruggedly beautiful land.

Many of the same races are present as in the empire.

Humans are predominant. There are several groups of nomads and barbarians. One group of humans, the Northmen have very recently begun to migrate from the Northern Reach into the empire. They have brought their Aesir pantheon of gods with them.

Elves are uncommon, but there are a few elven woods in the Northern Reach. They still follow the The Elf Queen, but little else is known about them in the empire.

Giants are more common in the far north than in the empire.

Goblins are not unknown, though the various goblin-kin are practically unknown, except for orcs, who are as likely to attack north as they are to strike south into the empire.

Parts of the Koru migration route passes through the Northern Reach and the Koru Behemoths are left in peace there just as they are in the empire.

The Northern Reach is full of its own monsters and has its own gods and heroes and myths. The Aesir worshiped by the Northmen are just one of many pantheons. The northern gods are generally not represented in the High Priestess‘s Cathedral because there has been little interaction yet. The Northmen who have begun to migrate into the empire brought their gods, but they haven’t yet been absorbed. It’s just a matter of time until they are, most likely.

The Northern Reach

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