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(Note that we are using the term “sorcery” for all arcane magic and we are not making a distinction between wizards and sorcerers, like 13th Age does. Sorcery, and the other forms of magic, are based on RuneQuest 6 for the most part.)

Spells and Rituals

The manipulation of the runes through formula that manipulate, transform, and control aspects of reality through spells; The Archmage is the obvious exemplar, though the Blue, the Lich King, and the Elf Queen are also masters of sorcery.

Schools of Sorcery

Sorcery is controlled closely by the Sorcery Schools. They are effectively guilds. While the underlying principles of sorcery are universal, each school guards their spell books and secrets jealously.


Spellbooks are dense collections of formulas. Understanding them is very difficult and is necessary before being able to cast them. Therefore a spell book by itself isn’t generally useful without a library of supporting primers, dissertations, treatments, analyses, and other supporting documentation.


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