There are four main forms of magic in the empire, though there are rumors of other types in the hidden corners of the empire and beyond its borders. Three are accepted and one is forbidden (though that doesn’t stop its practice).

Accepted Magic

  • Theism: Miracles drawn from the gods; the Priestess and the Crusader are the most visible representatives of theism in the empire
  • Sorcery: The manipulation of the runes through formula that manipulate, transform, and control aspects of reality through spells; The Archmage is the obvious exemplar, though the Blue, the Lich King, and the Elf Queen are also masters of sorcery
  • Folk Magic: The most basic form of magic possessed by most members of all intelligent races; minor cantrips and charms that make everyday tasks and challenges easier

Forbidden Magic

  • Diabolism: Summoning and binding of demons from the Abyss, sometimes even binding them into the diabolist’s form; strictly forbidden, but the Diabolist flaunts her power openly and many lesser diabolists wield their powers behind more secrecy

Rumored Magic

There are other types of magic rumored to exist. There are stories of shamans dealing with spirits of nature or of ancestors. There are also rumors of mystics achieving magic-like effects through meditation and conditioning.

The Runes

All magic ultimately derives from the runes. Reality itself is built from runes. The gods are manifestations of the runes. Sorcery using complex formulas utilizing the runes. Demons are also manifestations of runes, though individually most are of a far lesser tier of power than the gods. Even folk magic taps into the runes in a limited way.


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