Dragon Wood

Dragon Wood spans most of the northern border of the Empire. It stretches from the eastern edge of the Frost Range pass all the way to the Queen’s Wood.

Dragon’s Wood and Queen’s Wood are separated by Oldwall. From the outside, they seem like a single vast forest, but any visitors can quickly feel the difference. Dragons Wood has no elven woods. It is a darker, wilder, more angry forest. It feels ancient.

There are several good-sized settlements along the Green Star river. Most are former barbarian tries from the north who have settled in the scarcely populated area. There are monsters, but the people are sturdy and so far have held their own.

Dragons are seen in and above Dragon Wood more often than almost anywhere else in the Empire, which is probably where it gets its name.

Giants are also seen occasionally—not as often as in the Giantwalk mountains, but often enough to be a significant part of the local legends and mythology.

Starport is a soaring mountain peak in the center of the Dragon Wood that reaches all the way up into the overworld. It’s top is perpetually lost in clouds.

Dragon Wood

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