Dark Elves

The dark elves are one of the three subraces of elves.

Within the Court of Stars, the dark elves are referred to by the name they use for themselves, the Silver Folk. Outside the Court, the use of the term Silver Folk is extremely polite, or ironic. Most surface dwellers refer to them as dark elves or drow.

Despite their reputation, dark elves are not uniformly evil, though their societies usually seem dark and cruel from the outside. They generally don’t mix much with surface dwelling races (especially dwarves). Even other elves have a strained relationship with dark elves.

Like the other elves, dark elves mostly live in elven woods. They make their settlements and shrines in the giant caverns and twisting labyrinths carved out within and below the great trees’ roots. In a healthy elven forest, the wood elves live in and around the trunks of the great trees while high elves dwell in spiral towers rising above the canopy. However, few elven woods are healthy anymore. Now dark elves usually live in areas of forest unoccupied by other elves, except occasionally high elves, in which case the two groups studiously ignore each other.

Until recently, dark elves had there own official cults and their own specific role within elven religion. However, the rise of the orthodoxy movement among high elves has lead to the official stripping of many of those duties. The dark elves are not pleased and tensions simmer.

Once they ventured deep into the Underworld, but that changed after the war with the dwarves when the deepest realm was poisoned. It’s unclear whether the dark elves or the dwarves unleashed the poison on purpose or if their fighting inadvertently ruptured some deep place and unleashed the doom. Any (elf, dwarf, or other) that stays long in the fumes are twisted and driven insane. RUmors speak of colonies of dark elves in the deeps, living in spider temples and cavorting to ancient dark rites. Most likely, though, that’s propaganda of the high elves.

Dark Elves

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