The City of Spires.

Concord is a blend of high elf spires, wood elf forests, carved dwarven holds, and halfling burrows—it’s a garden city, and in places too wild to even count as a garden.


Elves, dwarves, and other nonhumans are familiar in all the cities of the human-dominated Dragon Empire. But in Concord, nonhumans predominate and have formed a society unlike anything else in the Empire or the kingdoms that would otherwise hold their citizen’s allegiance. The Dragon Emperor, Elf Queen, and Dwarf King are not entirely comfortable with Concord’s blend of citizens and diverse strengths, but so far the experiment has not caught on beyond Concord’s walls. This racial co-existence may be due to the fact that the city itself has magic that enables alliances that would falter elsewhere.

Neighborhoods and Areas of Concord

The city is laid out roughly as a half circle. The District is in the very center, surrounded by the Market. The major neighborhoods are arranged like spokes around the central hub, with the Docks creating the southern border.

  • The Front Gate — Impressive dwarf-made stone walls with a gate opened with vast machinery
  • The North Street – The main street, leading from the front gates to the District
  • The Burrows — Just inside the Gate, the first wedge to the west; the home of halflings
  • The Gardens — Next to the Burrows; tall, wild trees; home of most the wood elves
  • The Tangle — Next to the Gardens; the dark elf neighborhood; narrow winding streets; most the buildings are subterranean
  • The Rock — The dwarf home; borders the sea (dwarves run most the Docks)
  • Red Town — Just inside the Gate to the east (opposite the Burrows); a diverse human settlement; many houses have red tile roofs
  • The Spire — Next to Red Town and opposite the Gardens; tall majestic towers rise out of tended gardens and groves; the high elf neighborhood is famous for its high elven sorcerers
  • The Stacks — The small gnomish enclave, nestled between the Market, the Docks, and the Slums; famed for its clockwork and steam contraptions
  • The Slums — Bordering the Docks; like most cities, Concord has its slum for the poorest and the exiles; every race, including several “monsters,” are there, though that doesn’t mean they get along
  • The District — The very center of the city; the government and administrative center of the city (and region)
  • The Market —Wrapped around the District and touching every other neighborhood; every race has its markets and near the Docks, brisk trade occurs with the rest of the Empire
  • The Docks — The connection to the rest of the Empire; ships come and go constantly; as one o the major cities, Concord is a hub of trade


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