The City of Swords

Axis is the capital of the Dragon Empire and where the Emperor sits in his Dragon Throne.


The city sits inside the crater of an ancient volcano. The shards of the crater wall stand high above the city, carved into the likeness of great dragons and rife with troop tunnels and magical defenses. The topmost city spires and the magical clouds above them are the home of three or four dozen dragons—the remaining members of the army of metallic dragons that the Great Gold Wyrm gifted to the first Emperor to help him defeat the Lich King.

Axis is a city of wonders, military power, and martial competition. Gladiatorial games, skirmishes between noble houses, and staged holy wars hone the fighting spirit of an empire built on conquest.


The cities arenas stage all sorts of exhibitions, games, and blood-matches. Many gladiatorial games cycle in and out of fashion; the only firm rule is that true dragons are not legal participants.


Petitioners at the central Imperial palace of Thronehold do well to fly in through the great archways. Anyone who has to walk up the twisty stairs from the lower levels is assumed to be low born and worth ignoring.

There are several Imperial Palaces hidden around the city. Those with connections to the Emperor are more likely to find them. The palaces range from the Palace of War (trophies and generals, mostly) to the Garden of Delight (as you would imagine). Some say that the identity and locations of the palaces change, but how would anyone know?


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