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  • The Dragon Empire

    The Dragon Empire is the largest and most important empire in the known world. See the map "here":https://iron-and-leaves.obsidianportal.com/maps. The land is a big, flat disk surrounded on all sides by ocean. The most important and civilized part of …

  • Axis

    h3. The City of Swords Axis is the capital of the [[The Dragon Empire | Dragon Empire]] and where the [[:the-dragon-emperor | Emperor]] sits in his [[The Great Dragon Throne | Dragon Throne]]. [[File:366721 | class=media-item-align-center | 250px …

  • Thronehold

    The central imperial palace of the [[:the-dragon-emperor | Dragon Emperor]] in [[Axis]]. The site of the [[The Great Dragon Throne | Great Dragon Throne]].

  • The Great Dragon Throne

    The throne of the [[:the-dragon-emperor | Emperor]] from which he rules the entire [[The Dragon Empire | Dragon Empire]]. It is located in [[Thronehold]], the central palace in [[Axis]].