Head priestess at the Shrine of the Winter Star


She is strikingly beautiful, even for a high elf. She dresses in ermine-trimmed dresses and immaculately polished jewelry and perfect make-up. Her pale features and brilliant red hair enchant strangers and frighten those who know her.


Tiranna is the head priestess at the Temple of the Winter Star. Tiranna takes her role very seriously and will not tolerate any challenge to her authority. She is firmly orthodox and more than a little racist. She does love her goddesses, though. Her faith is sincere. She is drawn especially to the eldest of the star sisters, who’s purity and strength appeals to her.

Her behavior is often unpredictable. She must always be in control. When she is in control, she’ll keep peopple off balance, switching between intimacy and abuse. When she’s not in control, she’ll make one-line quips and withdraw, making sure her next encounter is on her terms. The exception is her religious and cultural superiors, who she charms and caters to in order to advance her own status.


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