A beautiful, charming high elf from Morthil


Elegant and beautiful, he has perfect skin and flowing hair. he stands stands straight, and walks with a calm, graceful gait. He never wears the same clothes twice, be he prefers the color red.

He is calm and rational, but quick to smile. In private, he’s quick to assert that he does not subscribe to orthodoxy and finds its tenants (and most its followers) very distasteful.


He visited the Temple of the Winter Star with two companions the day after our heroes arrived ([[Book 1, Chapter 2: Arriving at the Temple | Book 1, Chapter 2: Arriving at the Temple]]). He hit it off with Tiaga while both shared their disdain for elven orthodoxy and the priestess TIranna’s lecture.

He is from the elven city of Morthil in the Queen’s Wood and invited Tiaga to visit him there some time.


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