Master Rankins

Cheerful but odd traveling merchant; also an assassin


Master Rankins is bald with heavy lines on his brow and around his mouth. his clothes are nice, but slightly out of date. He always has a bag of candy that he’ll share with any children. He is clearly fond of young children and helpful to young mothers. He says he misses his own children who are are all now grown and gone.

He is a little odd, but seems harmless. He smiles and laughs a little too easily, including in situations that are inappropriate.

At least that’s how he appears. In reality he is a famous (in certain circles) sorcerer assassin. He also extends his life at the cost of draining the vitality from children.

He was hired to kill Asger, Moira, Tiaga, and Zelu. After an encounter in Old Town, he ran north. After that, he began taunting the heroes, telling them to come find him in the Dragon Wood.


He has traveled all over the north, selling goods out of his wagon. He hints that he used to be a wealthier merchant in Glitterhaegan to the west, but after his children moved away he was struck by wanderlust. He seems completely happy with his choice.

Master Rankins

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