The wood elf groundskeeper at the Shrine of the Winter Star


He is a handsome man (though fairly plain for a wood elf). He dresses practically in well-made but worn outdoors attire.

He is quiet and always proper. While his disapproval is usually obvious, he hides it behind formal behavior.

He seldom smiles, except at children (of any race).


Gilan has been the groundskeeper at the Shrine of the Winter Star for almost a century. He has served under half a dozen different priests and priestesses in that time and has witnessed first hand the changes within elven religion as a result of increasing orthodoxy.

His sister was openly a druid (one of the first followers of the High Druid. She eventually went into self-imposed exile and Gilan was almost tarred with the same brush. He’s gone to great pains to show that he is an orthodox believer. While he does have sympathies with those opposed to the growing orthodoxy in elven religion, he won’t show it in public or even usually in private. He has little sympathy for druids, though—he doesn’t have to hide anything there.


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