Coryn Breenal

Friendly but incompetent young sorceress.


Coryn should be plain, but her smile and her personality change her features somehow. She is cute. She dresses in what she thinks is the height of fashion, but she doesn’t quite pull it off, even to an uneducated eye.

She was formerly the apprentice of Katerina, (Zelu‘s old master). She wasn’t particularly talented or driven, so she left her apprenticeship after having achieved the lowest level of membership in her Sorcery School (effectively guilds) that would allow her to take on simple jobs. She knew she didn’t have any particular talent and was content to make a comfortable living. She was traveling

She’s genuinely friendly and thinks the best of most people. She doesn’t respond well to overt aggression, however, and will withdraw and avoid that person. if she feels attacked, she will use deadly force. Something in her eye makes it clear that she’s been hurt badly before (which makes her friendliness and trusting nature all the more rare).


Coryn Breenal

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