Aloof halfling loner; assassin


Cassandra is accepted by the other halflings, but clearly doesn’t fit in. She is aloof and cold, though never rude.

She has an athletic build. She dresses in whatever clothing will blend in the best.


She’s an assassin. She knows Master Rankins is an assassin with different targets.

She tried to kill Pimtran, but she was stopped by Moira in [[Book 1, Chapter 5: Assassins in Old Town | chapter 5]]. She was captured by the halflings of Old Town and is still in custody.

She was orphaned young when her family was attacked while traveling. She was the only one to escape. She was only a little girl. She would have died shortly after, but a nobleman found her and saved her. He raised her as his own and trained her as an assassin. She cares deeply for him.


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