Iron and Leaves

Book 1, Chapter 7: A Fight with a Giant

The heroes head south to Concord and fight a frost giant on the way

SUMMARY: On their way south, the heroes run into a frost giant scout. They defeat it and interrogate it. They learn more about the giants’ plans as well as hints of a larger conspiracy. They reach Concord

The heroes head south towards Concord with Gammy Mae. The weather continues to get more and more bitterly cold. After awhile a biting mist rises and they think they see a cloud sink to the ground nearby.

They go to investigate (clouds can sometimes carry people through the Overworld and Frost Giants are known to use them on occasion.

They discover a lone frost giant scout. They attack.

Zelu, Moira, and Gammy Mae hang back. Moira readies her arrows, while Mae and Zelu begin casting.

Asger, on the other hand, charges forward with a scream, working himself up into a frenzy. He leaps off his horse when he’s near the giant in an effort to tackle him and knock him to the ground.

Things don’t go according to plan.

Asger bounces off of the giant and hits the ground, then the giant kicks him in the head, knocking him out cold.

Gammy Mae finishes a druid spell and tangled roots burst out of the ground and entangle the giant (and Asger).

Moira shoots arrow after arrow into the trapped giant and Zelu casts a spell that suppresses the cold enchantment in the giant;s ax and then incinerates the ax’s handle.

It’s slow, but eventually they incapacitate the giant. Once the tangling vines recede, they tie the giant and wake him up to interrogate him.

They’re worried Asger will attack on waking, so Moira takes his cursed Knife and hides it.

Zelu interrogates the giant. They learn that he’s a scout for a larger invading army. They learn that there’s a coalition between the frist giants and other mysterious enemies. The frost giant taunts that the magical wards protecting the Empire (created by the Archmage) have been overcome and that the blizzards are just beginning. He doesn’t know much specific about the giants’ strategies.

Asger wakes up. They debate what to do. Moira doesn’t want to kill him, but the others say there’s no good way to take him with them and they can’t just leave him. Eventually they decide to kill him. Asger does the deed. He also takes the ax head as a trophy (which he wraps carefully — Zelu’s suppression of the cold enchantment is only temporary).

Asger asks what happened to his dagger. Moira lies to him that they don’t know and he believes her.

The group arrives at the gates of Concord.


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